For more information, email me at DropVox.KA@gmail.com or simply send me an ask here on Tumblr.

Examples of work:

Follow this link to see sound design and orchestration/music production work done by DropVox on a short clip from the…

Also, I was just denied a decent sized grant, so I need commissions now more than ever. Thank you everyone for the kind words too! Ahhhh my heart :-)





I put this piece together to help me relax when I was having an anxiety attack. I showed it to my fiance when she was having one too, and it really helped her! I’m making this one free to download because if it helps you relax while panicking or dealing with anxiety then why would I charge for that?! I would appreciate donations though! You can donate to me via paypal by sending said donations to KillingAriella@gmail.com

Thank you all, and I really hope that this song works as well for you as it did for me!

Also, it’s in ogg format please dont hate me. If enough people want the download in mp3 or wav then I can do that :-) Just hit me up for deets!

This song is seriously soothing. My fiance played it for me when I was super anxious and tense and it calmed me down so much I actually fell asleep for a little bit. It’s especially good for those nights when I’m having a hard time getting anxiety-brain to shut up so I can sleep. Give it a listen and see how you feel afterwards. There’s something about the rhythmic ebb and flow of the song that tricks my breathing and my heart rate into slowing down. I love it.

Hey I just want to say thanks! 19 notes is a big deal for me! Esp on a song! So, I’m glad that it helps people, and I’ll be doing more songs for this album soon!



I’m looking for an artist to join me in my heroic quest to make a game! I’m developing a 2D roguelike RPG called Arenlay which you can read a little about here. I’ve got a lot of stuff done but I can never show anything cool because I lack art assets and the skill to create them myself.